Interviews and stories


How Voltas plays smart and cool
September 2017

Voltas has delivered impressive results despite challenging market conditions with a go-getter attitude that has worked well for the company

Summiting Everest
September 2017

Hemant Gupta, a metallurgical engineer employed with Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, recalls his superhuman effort to scale the highest peak in the world

Schooling in career awareness
September 2017

Tata Automobile Corporation South Africa, Tata Africa Steel Processors and Tata Africa Holdings volunteers participate in the Take a Girl Child to Work Day initiative and encourage students to aspire for knowledge and success

Going places with a second career
September 2017

Amit Chincholikar, senior VP, group HR, Tata Sons, talks about the Second Careers Inspiring Possibilities programme's role in advancing the group's diversity and inclusion agenda

Celebrating the champions of sustainability
September 2017

Tata Sons announces the winners of the 2017 Tata North America Sustainability Awards

Consumers love brands with a purpose
August 2017

Everyone wins when companies pursue sustainable behaviours, says Harish Bhat, brand custodian, Tata Sons, explaining why customers are drawn to purpose-led brands

Leading with purpose
August 2017

Speaking at the UN headquarters, James Shapiro, resident director, North America, Tata Sons, emphasized that innovation and technology will be key drivers for the achievement of objectives

'We are now more deeply involved on the ground'
August 2017

Ratan Tata, the Chairman of Tata Trusts and Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, speaks about the path Tata Trusts has taken and the objectives it is pursuing

Look who's brewing Eight O'Clock Coffee
August 2017

US Senator Ben Cardin and Maryland State Senator C Anthony Muse visit Tata Global Beverages' state-of-the-art Eight O'Clock Coffee plant in Landover

Tata Tea awakens India with Jaago Re 2.0
August 2017

Sushant Dash, regional president - India, Tata Global Beverages, talks about the Jaago Re 2.0 campaign, its objectives and the future roadmap

Spurring innovation-led growth
August 2017

Tata companies are riding the innovation wave to push barriers and surprise the marketplace

'We need different kinds of innovation based on access'
July 2017

India Inc's innovation focus should be on solving the problem of access to products and services, says N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons

'Tata group has been a model of pioneering for over 150 years'
July 2017

Pioneering is how the Tata group defines innovation in enterprise, says Dr Gopichand Katragadda, group chief technology officer, Tata Sons

Capturing the magic of tea and tea estates
July 2017

Rishi Chadha, head, tea marketing, India, Tata Global Beverages, speaks about how Kanan Devan Photography Escapade connects with young consumers

Tetley is 180
July 2017

We trace the journey of the iconic tea that travelled from the finest gardens in the subcontinent back in 1837 and enticed the English way of life, to emerge as UK's favourite cuppa today

Growth constraints in advanced economies
July 2017

Dr Siddhartha Roy, economic advisor at Tata Services, explains why under performance and sluggish growth continue to haunt advanced economies

Talking cars
July 2017

Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors showcase connected car technology advancements with UK Autodrive test and demonstrate how multiple makes of a car can use their systems to 'talk' to each other

'Technology is going to decide how businesses are run'
July 2017

Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of the Tata group and Chairman, Tata Trusts, speaks about the economy and its drivers, technology and its disruptions, and the challenges confronting communities

The enquiring mind
June 2017 | Harish Bhat

Curiosity is a key quality needed to succeed as a marketing professional, says Tata Sons brand custodian Harish Bhat in his new book The Curious Marketer

Getting the dynamics right
June 2017

Tata Advanced Systems partners global leaders in the aerospace and defence industry to deliver world-class components for defence and civilian aircraft